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Raspberry Pi B+ V1.2 IDLE power consumption

RPi B+ IDLE Power consumption:

  • U=5.18V I=0.23A – Connected LAN 100Mbps + USB Nano receiver (keyboard/mouse)
  • U=5.18V I=0.19A – No LAN / USB Nano receiver (keyboard/mouse)
  • U=5.19V I=0.17A – No LAN + No USB Nano receiver (keyboard/mouse)
  • U=5.18V I=0.20A – LAN only / No USB Nano receiver (keyboard/mouse)

Devices Used:

Raspberry Pi 2 running Raspbian

Raspbian is probably the most massive linux distribution for Raspberry Pi with over 35.000 packages. Since version 2015-02-16-raspbian-wheezy works also with the Raspberry Pi 2 (model B). To create bootable mSD/SD card for RPi via Windows, you just need to use Win32DiskImager application.

During the first boot the Raspberry Pi Software Configuration Tool (raspi-config) shows up, where you set up some basic system behavior. For users with poor linux skills as me, I strongly recommend select option 3 (Enable Boot to Desktop/Scratch) and set up option “Desktop Login in as user `pi` at the graphical desktop. With this option, the OS will boot directly into graphical desktop environment and you can start using Pi as a desktop. If you skipped this step by mistake and the RPi is booting into command line, just login with default user name and password (name: pi / password: raspberry) and type into command line “sudo raspi-config” to configure the basic OS behavior. Once you`re done, hit the Finish button and you are ready to use Raspberry Pi as a desktop. Minimum is 4GB mSD/SD card. (more…)

Raspberry Pi 2 running Raspuntu (Ubuntu / Linaro)

With coming of Raspberry Pi 2, there is much more possibilities to use the device as a low-cost and energy efficient Desktop with extremely low power comsuption for browsing internet, listen to music/online radios, watch HD videos or even for office use. Today we will tray Raspuntu distro – Debian based ARM clone running LXDE desktop environment. The distro is now in “developer” state and contains some bugs and stability issues. (more…)

Old netobook? Get a good linux distro…

I got and old IBM Thinkpad T42(Lenovo today) notebook equipped with old Windows XP Pro. Since aril 2014 no security updates are available for the OS, also the desktop environment looks kind old fashioned, I decided to install a newer operating system. Unluckily, there are no graphic card drivers for Windows Vista/7/8 and only way how to keep this ThinkPad “modern”, is to go linux way. (more…)

1CD Distro review: wattOS R8 LXDE 32bit

Live minimum system requirements:

Intel Pentim III 450MHz

RAM 192-256MB RAM

Installed minimum system requirements:

Intel Pentim III 450MHz


5GB free space on Hard-drive


Some basic information about wattOS Release 8 LXDE 32bit:

Desktop environment: LXDE

Based on linux: Debian Wheezy

Architecture: x86 and x64 (more…)